Empowering people to take control of their own health and life
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We’re HealthKind - home to all things health, wellbeing and sports nutrition

When it comes to giving health an extra boost, we’re one step ahead with our creations. Our innovative brands provide effective nutritional support, with each range targeting a different health aspect for all-round wellbeing.

Headquartered in London, UK, we have over 45 years in the health & wellness industry. All of our formulations have been crafted in-house – from conception to R&D, manufacturing to distribution, and beyond. We’re also passionate about looking after our planet, so we only use responsibly sourced ingredients and sustainable packaging – all manufactured in the UK.

Don’t miss out on our exciting collaborations with influential figures, making effective healthcare more accessible to anyone wanting to perform at their best.

We collaborate with health conscious celebrities and athletes to develop nutritional formulas to support their personal brand.

GB Snowsport’s relationship with Healthkind is a natural fit. Both organisations pride ourselves on being innovative and striving to be at the top of our game. We're excited about the opportunity to collaborate more closely, especially with the development of the Performance of Wellness (POW) brand. Our values and beliefs are complementary, and we share a passion to support the health of all GB Snowsport’s athletes, and the wider snowsport community.

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The visionary of the business who creates the space for where health is today and where it needs to be tomorrow. Making sure that everyone has access to the most informed knowledge around health, not just surviving, but thriving.

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With the medical knowledge and background in pharmacy, homeopathy and nutritionist a self confessed mad scientist is able bring the worlds of science and wellness to life

Make a difference with the power or your brand

At HealthKind, we believe in empowering people to take control of their own health and well-being through optimal nutrition.

HealthKind provides celebrities, athletes and organisations who have an interest in healthy lifestyles with the opportunity to be part of the journey to wellness.  We help them to develop their own nutritional supplements.

All Healthkind supplements are developed with input from HFMA Expert Advisors accredited by the British Nutrition Foundation. We use SALSA accredited premises and can even produce Soil Association Certification.

We’re experts in UK nutritional legislation, ensuring that all products are compliant with the Food Safety Act and Department of Health guidelines.

The HealthKind principles:




Our Brands

Balance of Life

NobleBlu offers authentic, perfectly-balanced health & wellness goods. Our initial range of five vegan supplements boasts a plethora of premium botanical ingredients – including calming Ashwagandha, clarifying Gingko Biloba, and anti-inflammatory turmeric. Combined with an expert blend of high quality vitamins, users can expect effective results that fit perfectly into stressful schedules.

We know how important it is to follow a balanced lifestyle, so we collaborated with Alesha Dixon to create our cutting-edge supplements to target different health concerns. From daily immunity, beauty, balance, energy, or focus support, NobleBlu supplements are here to improve nutrition in harmony with busy lifestyles – self-care, from the inside.

“I found it difficult to find a product range that delivered what I needed so I decided to do something I always dreamed of and found a parter in Health Kind to make that happen.”
– Alesha Dixon


Reach your goals with PHKind

Patrick Hutchinson and HealthKind collide to form a special collaborative supplements range for men with active lifestyles.

Each of the five new supplements have been expertly designed to enhance the health & wellbeing of active men. We understand how overwhelming it can be choosing the right supplement – that’s why we’ve simplified nutrition so you can devote your energy to what matters most.

As an athletics coach, personal trainer, martial artist, public figure, father, and grandfather, Patrick Hutchinson is no stranger to hard work and resilience. In 2020, he co-founded UTCAI (United to Change and Inspire), an organization aiming to uplift local communities against racial inequality. Since its inception, Patrick has applied his passion and influence to bring positive change to schools and businesses across the UK. These remarkable achievements display the importance of keeping physical health and mental tranquility in top form while on the go. To Patrick, these are of profound importance, contributing to his mantra “fit at fifty”.

This special collaboration between HealthKind and Patrick Hutchinson has paved the way for PHKind’s improved approach to men’s nutrition. So whether it’s an immunity boost, performance aid, or recovery support, discover how PHKind can enhance you and your team with straightforward science.

Essential supplements for world-class athletes.

Performance of Wellness (POW) provides sports professionals with expertly formulated supplements to maintain peak health, fitness, and wellness.

With an introductory collection of five supplements, each product has been specially developed by our sports performance specialists in collaboration with GB Snowsports. Whether it’s persevering through a tough training schedule, or boosting your heart health with Omega-3, POW provides the optimal dosage to support an active lifestyle.

Every batch has been certified by global quality assurance sports nutrition regulator Informed Sports, ensuring that the range is free from all of the 250+ contaminants prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Combined with premium, natural ingredients, the result is effective nutrition without compromise – all backed by science.

POW creates products with purpose, containing exactly the right balance of high quality ingredients – developed by experts to encourage effective physical and mental support. This special collaboration between HealthKind and GB Snowsport has paved the way for POW’s improved approach to sports nutrition. So whether you need an Omega-3, energy, immunity, recovery, or probiotic boost, discover how POW can enhance you and your team with straightforward, transparent science.