Empowering people to take control of their own health and life
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What if people around the world were less sick and more optimised by understanding how to live a healthy kind life?

43 years as a family run health business working in the area of science, health and wellness. The two brothers Khilan and Rahul have been working on bringing the two worlds of science and wellbeing together.


The visionary of the business who creates the space for where health is today and where it needs to be tomorrow. Making sure that everyone has access to the most informed knowledge around health, not just surviving, but thriving.


With the medical knowledge and background in pharmacy, homeopathy and nutritionist a self confessed mad scientist is able bring the worlds of science and wellness to life 

The Problems are…

  • More obese people in 2022 than the whole of 1960-2020
  • The quality of the food has reduced by 70% in the last 10 years
  • People are getting sick and reaching for prescription medication to recover
  • Natural immune system is not being optimised
  • Gut health is a major issue with 76% of the population not even aware of it

The world is starting to wake up and people now want to take their health in to their own hands

The world is starting to wake up and people now want to take their health in to their own hands and make sure their immune system, gut and mind are working together in balance to create a ‘total optimised system’ free of serious health issues that powers up your internal and external system for maximum Performance of body and mind and that goes hand in hand with your daily food.

“You can eat a whole field of carrots and still not get the nutrients out of the food”

- Khilan

HealthKind partners with…

Sports athletes, public figures conscious around health and wellbeing with purpose, and world conscious activist to address key problems in the health world customer and market needs that can be addresses through the HealthKind system




Our Brands

Health starts with personal care – that’s why we stock leading vitamins and supplements alongside natural and traditional toiletry ranges to help your customers maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Alesha Dixon leads the space to create balance in woman’s lives by providing NobleBlu

“I found it difficult to find a product range that delivered what I needed so I decided to do something I always dreamed of and found a parter in Health Kind to make that happen.”
– Alesha Dixon


Patrick Hutchinson and HealthKind collide to form a special collaborative supplements range for men and women with active lifestyles.

“Nothing is more important to me than my own personal health and Well-being. If we are not in a good place physically and mentally then how can we successfully fulfil the numerous roles we have to play in life. My dream is to create supplements that will support everyone and it was important to partner with a company that had the experience to deliver quality and natural environmentally friendly products. That’s why I chose HealthKind. There reputation in this field is unmatched.”
– Patrick Hutchinson

Performance of Wellness

Performance is maximised by understanding the minds of the elite sports athletes and being able translate that in to a pull performance system deliveries optimum heath


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